Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Coffee with S. and E.

I decided that I couldn't let my crazy schedule of family visits cramp our new connection and hinder our relationship building any more than it already has been, and we met for coffee today, a nanny day for me, and we had a great time, C, half of the duo of "Amazing Princesses" that I watch on Tuesdays was a good girl and asked,  "Who Sam?" on the drive to pick her sister up from school.

Well, isn't that just like a little kiddo to ask the million dollar question?  For now, I think we're just going to let our relationship grow, and not worry too much about labeling it.  We're calling ourselves the "outlaws" because our relationship sort of has no legal precedent, and we just really want what is best for these boys and we believe in our hearts that being together and knowing each other is just that.  God blessed our desire to meet, and what God makes possible, we are not about to get in the way of!!  We've decided to be totally honest about comfort zones and have given each other complete freedom to draw boundaries when we need to, and otherwise just stay out of God's way!