Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Abbey, our first pet/child

Jeremiah was traumatized by a friend's home where several cats and dogs lived without much vaccuming and his allergies were never the same. He didn't think pets in the house were a good idea; I disagreed. So, when we finally purchased our Condo when we first moved here, he said I could have a cat. I was away for a few days and when I got back he told me about a kitten we were offered for free.

We went to go see her, and sure enough, she was a beautiful little kitten, and we couldn't wait to bring her home. We had to wait a week or so, and one Friday I went to visit her (but I took the carrier just in case) and drove to see her. And we were allowed to take her home! YAY!

Abbey's litter was a ferral litter, the mamma cat had given birth in a hole under someone's front porch and their neighbor had rescued them and kept them in her garage. So Abbey is a rescue cat, but not from a shelter.

Abbey and I have an interresting relationship, she LOVES Jer, and prefers to sit and cuddle with him. (and he now loves her and can't imagine life without her!) BUT, I am her playmate. She chases me down the hall, jumps out from under tables and chairs to "get" me, and we like to play the corner game. She always sleeps near me though, because Jer moves around too much. Every now and then I'll get a head bump on my leg, and she'll sit with me when she's cold and I have a blanket on my lap, but all in all, she's a Daddy Cat. Which is ok, but I always tell her that I was the one who wanted her! Funny girl.


Melba said...

Cute picture of her in the suitcase!

Kel said...

In our adoption profile, I have a four photo spread of her in all of her hiding places :) I hope people don't think I'm the crazy cat lady!