Friday, July 31, 2009

Complex 15

When my youngest brother was a baby he had terrible eczema it was thick and crusty and all over his legs. The doctor prescribed hydrocortizone cream, but the dear pharmacist at Lambert Pharmacy in Whittier, CA wouldn't fill the script. Why? because he felt that this lotion worked better. Ever since that day, our family has used this on any skin ailment that wasn't a zit. Seiously Mr. Portocolos had Windex, and we have Complex 15. And it really works. It makes skin soft. It heals rashy red skin, and it is a fantastic moisturizer for the face. My mom uses it every day.

So, if your baby needs a skin cream give this a try! You can order it from or... your pharmacy, but you have to make them look it up in their product book and order the 8oz lotion not the cream.


Jamie said...

thanks kel! :) that's great to know.....maybe i'll have to try it for a moisurizer! :)

on your post below....where asking on tips for keeping baby cool in the house....or outside running around?

Kel said...

Inside, or out! Outside shade and water immersion seem obvious, but if you've got tricks, I'd like to know!

Jamie said...

well, in our area a/c is a must. :) we would all literally die without it. :)
they make fabric "seats" for carseats that are filled with rows of liquid. You roll up the seat and put it in the freezer and then while your out of the car shopping/etc. ~ you lay this ice cold seat on the baby's carseat if it's left in the hot car. It keeps it cool until you return to your car and put the baby back into the seat. Obviously you usually leave an new infant in the carrying seat and take it with you. But even Milo is getting the to point, where I can't carry him in his seat any longer. I've been putting him in his stroller or in a sling/wrap. So...depending on when your baby finds you, this might be something to think about......

We find lots of indoor play areas! :) Milo can still interact with kiddos and we can get out of the house, but the play is being done inside since it's WAY too hot outside. :)

Even with the a/c ~ we use ceiling fans and floor fans in all the rooms we use.

Obviously, like you said cool water helps a lot. Baby pools or big pools ~ just fill it up with cool water and enjoy! :)

When Milo had a cold ~ we had a cool air humidifier running and it cooled his room down quite a bit.

If I think of anything else, I'll let you know. :) Hope those temps come down soon!!