Saturday, August 8, 2009

Julie and Julia

Jer and I went to go see this movie last night and discovered a delightful movie!!! It was so much fun! I love to cook and I used to watch Julia's show when I was a little girl, and I totally enjoyed her! And knowing this much about her personal life and how positive she was really made me think!

Did you know that Julia Child was infertile? There were several scenes in the movie that just made me weep for her. But she only cried for a minute. What a strong woman! She was amazing! I need to find a copy of that book! I want to learn how to cook fearlessly with lots and lots of BUTTER!!!!!! :D


Melba said...

Good to know...I wasn't too sure about this movie based on the previews, but now I'll definitely add it to my wish list!


Jamie said...

so glad you got out and did something fun! :) it looked like a really good movie ~ glad to hear it is! :)

Jackie at said...

Great review. I was a little annoyed with the sub political story which I didn't find necessary to portrait Julia Child's husband. Other than that it was awesome. I really enjoyed the movie. Check out mine at