Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Little Boy

Just a few moments ago I was sitting on my couch feeding my little boy and looking into his big blue eyes and for just a second I saw the big boy he is going to become. He's wearing overalls and shoes that are a bit too big for him today and my minds eye jumped forward to a 4 year old in the same clothes with a cap on sideways or something and I couldn't help but smile. Visions of T-ball and tricycles danced in my head and I was reminded again how good God is. How he answered my secret (Well not extremely publicized) desire for a son. I love little girls, but to me there is nothing that makes me smile bigger than a naughty little boy. Not the obnoxious terrible child naughty, just the "get into trouble" Dennis the Menace kind of naughty. The kind of naughty that most little boys can't help being. Curious and energetic and just plain fun.

Thank you Lord, for giving me a son. I love him from the tips of his hair to the toes of his stinky little feet. You've put a miracle in my life, you've made me a mother, you've made us a family and for J. and his birthfamily I thank you.



The DeCants said...

Kel, you are so right. Girls are great, and fabulous, beautiful, and wonderful. But there is something about little boys that melts a mommy's heart. When I had Cayden, my mother in law told me, that girls are great, but when your little boy runs up to you with a flower he just picked and gives it to you, it will melt your heart. And it does! Your little boys will do the same and you will tear up EVERY.SINGLE.TIME! I am so happy for for you! Your little man is just as lucky to have you as you are to have him! You are a great mommy!

Melba said...

Beautiful and I couldn't agree more about having a SON! I always had a feeling we would have a boy but of course you never know. I absolutely love being mommy to a baby boy who will turn into a mischievous little man and eventually grow up to be a man. Pretty amazing!

I saw the pictures of JC in the outfit you mentioned here and I grinned from ear to ear. He is SO CUTE, and already growing up fast!



Maru said...

I have a baby girl and I feel the same. :o) I also see her... She's about 4, wearing pigtails, and is running after Daddy in our backyard. Amazing how we can see into the future...

Jamie said...

so sweet kel ~ i've had moments like that with milo when he gives me a look and i think "uh oh" i have a feeling i'm going to be seeing that "look" a lot in his future! :)

yes....something so very special about little boys. :)

TXMom2B said...

I totally hear you. I never told anyone, but, before we knew about our son, I really had a strong preference for a boy. I would have been thrilled to be matched with a girl, of course, if it still meant being a mom. But, when I learned it was a boy, I was so happy.