Thursday, May 20, 2010

Early morning yesterday and 2 weeks ago...

The dude has been sleeping through the night more often than not.  SWEEET!

Yesterday at 6 he woke and was hungry, so I fed him a bottle, and about 1 minute later he gagged on something, (His finger probably) and THREW up all over me and our side of the bed, ALL of the bottle, I'm pretty sure.  So, we went and showered and re dressed.  I get back in our room and DADDY had made himself a comfy burrito out of the comforter which was spared vomit.  And had put all the sheets in the wash including my soiled pillow...leaving me nowhere to sleep.  I looked at Jack and shrugged.  We piled onto the couch together and slept and slept.  We woke when Jer left at 8 and he ate another bottle and then proceeded to nap another 3 hours.  So, I mowed and trimmed the lawn (so there busy body neighbor who mowed my lawn for me and said it looked like I was out of town.  I told him to wait until it looked like I was dead before he stepped on my lawn again. I do a far nicer job than he did.) ( It had rained a solid month and I have an infant! Comeon!)

Later we went to Home.Despot ;) and got bird feeders and new door knobs for the doors on the garage.  I LOVE THAT PLACE.  All of the contractors talked to J. and he smiled at them and babeled it was cute.  Then I went to get a massage and OUCH!!! Today my spine is bruised I think, but I needed it badly because...I fell two weeks ago.

Jack and I were meeting a friend for lunch in the U-district and the sidewalk grabbed my foot.  Thankfully my guardian angel had the presence of mind to turn me so that I landed on my right shoulder blade on top and my right knee on the bottom and my left hand and right elbow instead of directly on top of my baby who was strapped helplessly to my chest with the Ergo. (the guy who helped me up said I looked like a stunt woman, which was incredibly nice of him to say when I felt like such a clutz.) My shoe flew off, my keys wend flying and remarkably TWO people immediately helped me up and gathered my shoe and my keys. Oh and Jack's hat.  He only cried from  fear for a minute. He wasn't hurt at all. But Mama's back was sore and shoulder, knee, elbow and left hand were totally bruised.  I was really embarrassed to tell you all what happened, but I figured I'd let you all know I lived through my worst nightmare (Falling with baby) and didn't kill myself or my child.  So, I guess it's not a complete FAIL!

Have a fantastic weekend!



rlvd said...

laughed out loud at your mowing story...altho it might have not seemed so funny to you!

here's to neighbors giving us a break and some slack!!! (i say this in solidarity with you b/c our lawn is also, well, sporting the long look) ;-) ...and tall puffy dandelions are just must have accessories, right???

Kel said...

I really like the dandilions, especially in other people's yards!

It really shouldn't have been a big deal, and now I see that I was being sensitive, but sheesh! I was just shocked and embarrassed to be "Helped" for his sanity...not for my benefit. When I mowed my neighbor's lawn last year it was because she was injured and she knew it, because I told her that I would mow hers when I mowed mine. It was a favor! If he'd said to me, "I know you've got Jack now and I thought I'd mow for you" I would have been touched. Instead I was mad.

So yes, Dandie's are wildflowers! :D