Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Here Kitty Kitty

Look, Noah! 

I'm not sure but I think Jack just said "HERE Kitty". He at least mimicked the way I say it, but he was looking right at the cat when he did it. He even patted his leg. Coincidence? Who knows!

New Do!


rlvd said...

oh my goodness, his hair is so different!! did you gel it up or is it just wet?! what a cutie pie w/ that grin on his face :)

Kel said...

His hair started to curl...a lot! and it was nearly gone in the back from him rubbing his head bald...and so we had our hair stylist buzz the sides and I trimmed the top and gelled it this morning. :D

so now he has a 6month Faux Hawk to match his first one :D

Jamie said...

sooo cute! i love his little do. :)

rlvd said...

oh what a riot! glad my baby's not the only one with a huge patch of scalp in the back :)