Thursday, June 3, 2010

Six Month Well Baby

In the words of Jack's Pediatrician: "He's going to be a big dude."  I love her(have I mentioned that before?)

The man weighed in at 20lbs 4 oz and measured 28inches long.  All of his food must have gone into growing bones and muscles because he was 21.7 at his last visit.  And he's moving all the time unless he's sleeping!

We went to the Mediterranean Kitchen for lunch where Jack decided he wanted to eat my hummus.  He loved it, garlic and all! I'll have to make him some.  He likes flavor, so I'll have to figure out how to spice up his fruits and veggies, don't want him to eat bland food if he likes to be adventurous.  He liked their lentil soup as well, and he's eaten Pho before and really liked the broth.

I was talking to his Dr. about it and she reminded me that as a whole, the world eats soup and stew and feeds their children the broth and then the veggies and then the protiens, so I shouldn't be afraid to be adventurous with his food, just blend it up!  She's such a well studied individual, and she really loves the Anthropology of Child Rearing, so it's incredible to talk to her about it. I really want to see "Babies" but i think this date night is going to be Prince of Persia!  Jake Gillianhaal....darn



BB said...

OMG! He ALREADY is a BIG boy! My goodness! He weighs as much as R does at 14 months... but of course she is a peanut!

I was such a freak about feeding R stuff at this age... I wish I would have relaxed a little because she does love to eat anything and everything!


Kel said...

Hiya Bri, He really is big! I think the food people make you feel scared to feed them anything off the beaten path.

R is a stunner these days by the way!

rlvd said...

after commenting on your hair post, i started trying to remember how old he 5mo lost all his hair! :( but wow- you do have a growin' boy- i can't believe that height spurt!!! m's weighing in about 17 at 5 mo, so we'll see what happens in the next 4-5 weeks!!! i've also got him clockin' in at 27"

but what i really wanted to say is "see BABIES!!!!!" We did it for our last date night and had great laughs and tender feelings. slight warning- a lot of boobage...ya know, like motherly working boobage hahaha

Melba said...

How is it possible that he's already six months old?? He is a BIG guy and so incredibly adorable, so awesome!

Hummus was/is one of Charlie's faves too...I can't remember exactly when I figured out that he liked it but I'm glad I did. I also made one batch of lentil soup that he LOVED but I haven't made any since then. I should give it another go. Making food is so much fun. Some of C's favorite spices we've used are cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, cloves, and garlic. Have fun spicing it up, yum! :)

Jamie said...

wow! he IS a big boy! milo is only 23 lbs at 16 months!! :)
i think a little spice is good ~ milo has really liked things with "flavor" also. :) wish he would eat his veggies and fruits though. :(

happy 6 months little (big) dude! :)