Friday, August 6, 2010

Eight months!

Ok, this was supposed to go up on the 3rd, you know on his 8 month bday!! but blogger from my new phone just didn't do it! :(  It's ok except that I had a nice prayer and things that I can't remember now.. going to have to bite the bullet and get blog press! By the way, that cell phone, it used to be longer than his arm.  Now? Not so much!

I just had an epiphany.  I like American Chopper because Paul Sr. and Paul Jr. remind me of my mother and myself.  They have the exact same goals, to build awesome bikes, they just have completely opposite approaches to the process.  My mom and I both want to have happy lives and a healthy family, we just have a completely different idea of how that should happen.  Neither idea is bad, one is just front door and the other is down the street.


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Kelli said...

He is getting big!! Time flies (once you have your little one in your arms I'm assuming)...when you are waiting time seems to stand still!!

Happy 8 months little man!