Sunday, October 24, 2010

LIfe as we Know It

Or what I've been calling the movie I didn't want to see.

We saw it last night with friends, and to be honest it's one of those 1-2 punch situations.  By all means it was well done, if you want to see it do!

BUT, PARENTS of a 1 year old die and leave their child to their two unmarried godparents.
Punch 1.  I don't like to think about not being around for Jack.  EVER.  I get totally irrationally jealous just thinking about it.

Punch 2- I don't want it to suck for the people who "would" end up with Jack.  Granted my parents would be the #1 choice until Jared and Wanda get married, but, even then, would it be awful to throw my brother and his future wife into parenthood?

I hate contemplating my mortality.  We really need to get our will done.  But these decisions are on file with our Adoption agency.  It's really the money part that needs to be "thought through."


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