Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Wow what a year!

Thanksgiving marked my first year as a person not tethered to a job, and the third of December marked Jack's first year and my first year as a mommy! It has been incredible watching this little boy grow from a teeny dude to one that is half my size! Next year he will be half of his projected height, how amazing is that? (2inches in either direction)

We have not been in contact with his Birthmom, but she has so much water under her bridge (including Jack's half brother, Samuel) that our relationship with her may always be one sided. His "potential" birthfather has been in contact via My Space and we are posting updates there for him. DNA tests will be required before any further contact would be possible.

We have begun a loving relationship with Samuel and his family, it is amazing what Love and a true committment to openness can bring into our lives. We are careful to keep our definition of things wide open and are finding that the more we are together, the more we want to be together. Our relationship is not Typical of openness, but it has been a gift that will continue to present both Blessings and challenges as the boys grow. Samuel is not my son, i claim no ownership or right to him, but i love him as though he were mine, with a gentle unconditional love that comes from my love and gratitude for his first mother. I didn't realize i would feel this way toward him. I love many of my friend's children; but this is very different.
And we should be able to pay off Jack's adoption loan soon, which means we'll go back on the list for our second in June or July.

Jer and I are doing well adjusting our relationship, it gets emo sometimes but overall it's strong and we remain the love of eachother's life; but sometimes our new little love puts that in the backseat.

Jer is a good and loving daddy, and seeing him with Jack makes me fall further in love with him.

I hope that 2011 brings all of you, my friends, peace, joy and blessings of abundance. I wish you more laughter than tears, and prosperity above want; and just enough Trial to keep you honest! 

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