Saturday, March 5, 2011

Panel Talk

Jer and I spoke about our family at the Bethany infant training today, it was fun, a little emotional as we'd never really done it before, the other family went first, and were very nice. I was a little talkative, maybe too much, ( I felt like a question hog, but maybe I'm over thinking.)

I also got the group to laugh and look around at one another, neither of which happened at the training I went to.( except for Erin, Sam's mom)

I used adoption friendly words, but also interchanged "mom" and "birthmother" several times. I have never had a big issue with calling H "Jack's Mom". I can share.

Jack played with the other couple's little boy and over all we had fun. We were supposed to do it with Erin and Michael and Sam, but they had a family member pass away. Next time!!

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Melba said...

That's awesome, I'm glad it went well! We are doing the same (for the second time) in two weeks and I'm excited. I love to be able to share our story and give a little bit of hope to others who are starting the process. :)