Friday, April 8, 2011


The sun!!!!!!!!!!
And it was warm!
Jack and I went to a park nearby with some friends. I was teaching one of their little girls how to cartwheel, and she said, can you show me?

So, I did, and then Jack stretched his little arms in the air and took a pointed step...and laid on the ground. Sweet boy!

The other moms were impressed by my cartwheeling and tried it... They were chagrinned by the fact that I am 10 years older than they are...and they couldn't do it! I think it's all the yoga.

Jack had a blast running all over the artificial soccer turf chasing the soccer ball, bubbles and flying disks. And I was in heaven playing with my boy!


BB said...

AWESOME! Just thinking about doing a carwheel makes my hamstrings ache!

BB said...

AWESOME!!! Just thinking about doing a cartwheel makes my hamstrings ache!

Jewls said...

I'm glad someone is getting some nice weather, we've had yucky rain all week :(