Monday, October 13, 2008

De-Mystifying the Home Study

When we began our adoption process, the portion I had the most concern about was the "Home Study" even today my friends are not quite certain what the home study process was all about.

The Home Study is actually a large document. (Think mortgage papers) Interviews, financial paperwork and applications are enclosed and a visit to the home is detailed in the home study document. Candidates for adoption are evaluated by questionnaire (the one I answered was 40 questions long and it was personal), then personal interview where the social worker goes over some of your answers on the questionnaire. Bethany's counselors are all extremely friendly, I never felt like I was being evaluated, Becky made me feel so comfortable with her that I had no problem talking with her during what felt a bit like a job interview.

The visit to our house was actually not an intrusive thing. I had invited Becky to have dinner with us, and it worked out well. We ate and then went over a few other questions together and she took a look around the house making sure that it could keep out the cold and the rain, and that even though our back room is the disaster office that everyone has; we weren't packrats hording things we don't use or need.

I suppose it depends on your personality whether or not the whole thing is intrusive. I've never minded meeting people and making friends, this just added some paperwork to the process. Some people are not ok answering personal questions and having a stranger come in and make sure they aren't hoarders and living in a ramshackle. Some people have a higher level of privacy that they protect. But I want to be a mother and anything that can get me to that goal is worth it entirely.

Evening Prayer:

Lord this evening I pray for my friend Leah, whose grandmother is extremely ill, I pray that you will comfort everyone in her family in this difficult time. And in the world of Adoption I pray for Tygh and Brittney and Ben and Ginger; give them strength while they wait and wisdom in their decisions. For Chelsee who will be selecting a family in the coming weeks I pray you will give her wisdom and comfort and assurance to the birthfather that he is doing the right thing by agreeing to the adoption. And for Jer and me, I ask for fortitude and comfort as we continue to hope and pray and wait.

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Jessica@Foodmayhem said...

Good Luck! You are going to be an awesome mom!