Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Holding your breath

Over the last few weeks our Adoption Profile has been circulated three times, and just this last week it has been marked as a favorite for a woman here in the Seattle area. She wants to look at "just a few" more profiles to make sure we are the right people and we should know by next week if we're going to be interviewed. I've been frustrated by the waiting in the past, and have felt rejected by the last few we've been passed over for. But to be honest, This time, I know what ever happens it was supposed to happen this way. I have peace. And while I'm holding my breath in anticipation, it's not in a stressful negative way. I am feeling confident in God's soverienty in the situation. I have people praying for me and I feel like things are happening for the best.

I'm excited, but I'm not overly excited. I know what ever happens it's the right thing and I'm one day closer to my child. Tomorrow I could be a basket case, but right now...I'm doing ok!

People to remember in Prayer:
Peter and his PSA
Peter's wife, who has interesting landmarks on her MRI
Aundrea and Scott who are dealing with fertility issues.
Abbey and her battle with MERSA
And Chelsee in Seattle.

Remember to breathe!


Lori said...

What a nail-biting time!

I like the idea of breathing through the wait. Why didn't anyone remind me to do that?

Kelley said...

It really can be nail biting! I know, breathing...essential, but we forget don't we? :D