Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I am truly thankful for the Adoption Agency I've chosen. I couldn't have asked for a better person to be on my side than Becky. She is Fantastic. To be honest, part of the reason I'm so eager to have our child is that I'm really excited to be friends with her. Bethany Christian Services likes to maintain a certain level of integrity, so even though Becky and I would be fast friends with kindred spirits, we have to wait until the baby is ours before we can go to lunch together. But I'm off topic already.

In the last month I've heard of two maybe three situations with other agencies and DSHS of Washington that were in a nutshell; horrific. Tales of babies being taken back by the state and given to another couple for no real reason but the case worker's preference. At Bethany, they work loosely with DSHS as all of their social workers have a MSW and are licensed by the state to do the state's job with minimal interference. Foster families going to the day care only to find that the state had removed them from their care after three years without even letting the children say goodbye. Just awful things.

Becky is an extremely supportive person and I'm blessed to be in her care. Bethany is a wonderful organization with an impeccable record and they pray for us. How awesome is that? I love that they are so professional and approachable and that they just seem to have it so together. I know that even there adoptions fail, but they are there to catch you. They counsel you, they take care of you. And they'll be here for us in the future, when we're having crisis.

I'm thankful for the Baby that will be ours, and I'm thankful for my family who now live so much closer.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Prayer Note: Lord, take care of Amber during her labor and delivery, and help her see the adoption through. Calm her fears and give her courage to go through with her choice.

Help Chelsee with her counseling. Keep her under your wing, help her boyfriend really understand the role he is about to undertake, and if he's not ready, soften his heart toward adoption. Only you can do it.

Be with Marcia and her husband as they wade through the paperwork and decisions of choosing an agency. Guide them to the perfect place where they will be fully supported and educated so that their fear will subside.

Thank you lord for an awesome weekend last weekend, one where I could be free of worry and have a wonderful time renewing a friendship and having fun that I needed so badly. Help me to continue to have a light heart, and a positive attitude. And help the Family get along this holiday season!


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