Friday, February 20, 2009

Project: “Comfort” packages for Birth-mothers in the hospital

I was looking around on the Bethany Christian Services site and started digging deeper into the site than I really ever have. I peek at my own profile more than I'd like to admit. I noticed the other day that they'd taken down several of the placed families (probably to make room for the new batch of families in May) and added one. And then I realized that with their newly designed webpage, it was much easier to see that there are a bunch of links to different sections of their website and that the ministry is even bigger than it had seemed before. So, I began clicking, some things I'd seen before like the store, but there was this whole other section, that I had completely missed (perhaps it's because I was looking to see what they could do for me, and not what I could do for them!) and I stumbled across a section on "how you can volunteer" of course now, I can't find it… but they mentioned "Comfort packs for Birthmothers" and I got to thinking, "hmmm, I wonder what those are?" so I emailed my Adoption Specialist and asked her about it, she forwarded my question to the Birthparent/Pregnancy counselor who sent this reply:

Basically they were gift bags filled with various things such as:

Bath oils/salts, Lotions, devotionals, candles, candy/snacks, jewelry,hair accessories, nail polish, relaxing CD

Anything generic; and it doesn't have to cost a lot of money. If she wanted to go to a dollar store, pick out 5 or 6 pamper-type-items and put them directly into a gift bag with tissue paper that would be fantastic! (I wouldn't individually wrap each item, because that way I can make sure each item is appropriate for the particular birthmother). Thanks!

So, after work, I went to Ross, and found a bunch of things, along with some things I already had, and put them in bags, I now have six little gift bags all lined up, since Bethany is moving it's Seattle office to a different location in the next week, they'll be hanging out in my living room for a while, but…eventually they will get there!

I decided to put in: Headband, lip gloss, nail polish, a tea light candle, Skittles, chocolate, toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, Kleenex, little body washes and lotion sets, two blank cards and a pen. I also included a note that says "We're praying for you! Best Wishes, A Bethany Family."

The thing is, I am now addicted to the idea and I want to make more!


Melba said...

Hi Kelley,

Thanks so much for your kind and thoughtful comments on my blog earlier. I love this idea of the comfort packages for birth moms. I think often of our future birth mom, and others out there, all they must go through. This is such a nice way to show care for them and give even a small amount back...I can understand why you want to do more! I'm glad to have another blog to read and story to follow...I hope your match comes soon!


Kathleen said...

These are great ideas and you did a really great job. Any expecting person would be glad to receive such a nice gift.
I've been praying for you and your husband and have a feeling your time is coming.

Kel said...

Kathleen! You're so sweet! You made me tear up!

Melba, I hope yours comes soon too!