Monday, March 23, 2009

Meeting With Becky

I had about a 45 minute conversation with our Adoption Specialist today, I found the new office with out much difficulty, and it does seem to be better suited for the way they work. Becky's new office has a big window and is very cheerful!

I just have to say, I love this woman. I am so blessed to have her in my life and in my corner. As we spoke, she asked how the wating was going, and I explained my on again off again frustration with the whole thing. It turns out, I am about as close to average as anyone else out there. Everyone gets frustrated no matter how long they wait. She did express that she was surprised that we hadn't matched yet, but that it's never easy to guess how long it will be at the beginning. It is nice to know that she thinks were great enough to be chosen. I felt a lot better after talking with her. I did ask her to check in with me a little more often, just so I don't feel "forgotten" she seemed to think that was a reasonable request. :D

She was really happy with the gift bags I brought with me, and she was sure that Sarah, the pregnancy counsellor would really like them. And she gave me the green light to take donations at my church in their name for additional bags! So, now I have to start getting my list together for the bulliten and get it to the Church Secretary soon!

So, after my very full week last week, it was nice to decompress about my adoption worries with her, and to know that I'm normal, is great!

Dear Lord,
Thank you for Becky and the staff of Bethany Christian Services. They are truely a blessing to me, even when we have to fill out a new form unexpectedly! The work that they do with women in crisis is just amazing. And to be part of their organization is just as exciting to me as what they will eventually do for us.

I pray earnestly for the mother and family of my child, please keep them safe, let them be supportive of her decision, and please help Jer and me to be calm in this frustrating time. I know you are in control, we trust you with this important part of our lives, and we know that you have our best interests at heart.



Melba said...

I know what you mean when you say you feel blessed to have Becky in your corner. In our case, it's Elly...but she is a gem, and someone I feel very fortunate to have working for us. She makes the waiting more bearable every time I talk with her. Glad to hear things went well and they enjoyed the bags, that is awesome!


Kel said...

I'm glad you've got a competent counsellor in Elly! I've heard of people who've waited less long and had really anoying caseworkers, and their overall experience was awful. Even though I'd rather not wait, and some really sad thngs have happened, I'm totally glad I have competent people behind me!

Hugs to you, and I hope we both get good news soon!

Maru and Fico said...

I pray with you. :o)

Jamie said...

Kel ~ would you mind telling me a little bit more about the care bags you put together?
Glad you feel so happy with your "Becky" :) That's SUCH an important part of the process. :)

Kel said...

Hi Jamie,
The Hospital Comfort Packs are basically a gift bag with "Pampering Products" in them. And usually a little devotional like "The Daily Bread" but I think I might get my local Gideon to put little New Testaments in there too.

I found a bunch of inexpensive items at Ross, gift sized or travel sized body wash and matching lotion, a tea light candle a couple of blank note cards a pen and a hand written note, I also put a hair band in there that would work for short or long hair, one of those stretchy things that go all the way around, nail polish and lip gloss, skittles and some chocolate.

Really anything could go in them, they're given to the birthmom's as a "you are special" kind of thing regardless of weather or not they are placing a child with an adoptive family.

I think it serves two purposes really: 1. it makes the birth mom feel like she's cared for
2. it gives them something to fill the time while they wait to have the baby. Sometimes things can move slowly and to have something to look at and open makes the time move more quickly.

I think for the next batch I'm going to ask for nail files as well, I forgot about them!

Thanks for asking!

Anonymous said...

The wait is hard. Everyone told me during my wait, "you'll forget it when you get your baby, it won't seem so bad, you'll wonder what you were so frustrated by".

I used to get SO angry when people said that, 'cause I was in so much pain emotionally.

But now that I have my baby...they were right.

So, I'm passing that wisdom on to you...when your baby comes home this wait will not matter one whit.

Kel said...

I believe you Annie! I believe Becky too! I just can't wait to prove you both right! :D

I'm just going to keep on doing what I'm doing and praying for grace, and one of these days, it will be my turn.

Love and best thoughts and prayers to you, Art and Alexis!!!

Tracey said...

Your in my prayers that you are chosen soon! God Bless.

Kel said...

Maru and Fico, and Tracy, Thank you for your prayers, it is so humbling to have people stumble upon my blog and find their hearts moved to pray for me. It means so much to me!

I will be praying for you too!