Thursday, March 26, 2009

Chief, my "Little Lab"

He really is small for his breed!

Chief is a pure bred black Labrador Retriever. His official name is "Fyrecrest's Commander in Chief." I wanted to name him "Jed" after Jed Bartlett on The West Wing, which would have made my pets "Jed and Abbey" and I could have called them "The Bartletts"(the president and first lady on the West Wing). Which is totally funny in my mind, but no one else thinks it's funny.

Our First Family Photo!

We'd had him for a month, and it SNOWED!
He was so cute burrowing his nose around under the snow!

After he swims in the Slough at the Dog Park, he gets a bath! Up until last summer he wasn't real keen on the swimming thing!

Walking Mom!

He loves to cuddle!

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Melba said...

So sweet, I love doggies!!