Friday, March 27, 2009

My Family...

This Photo was taken when my mom was 28, my dad was 30, my brother J. was 4 and I was 6. I am the oldest of three children and the only daughter to L&L. I was always a "Daddy's girl" and my brother J. was sort of attached to my mom.
I'm 10 in this picture, J. is 7 1/2 and B. is 1 1/2. B. was like my "first kid", I took good care of him, and so did my mom! Poor guy, he had two mommies! I think this was Easter Sunday, I know that was my favorite dress for a long time, it had Violets on it.

I think I'm five in this picture, we went to Joshua Tree National Forrest, see the Joshua Tree on the right? This is one of my favorite pictures.

My "Tweety Pie" cake! I remember it. See that chunk outta the back? Yep, I had a thing for icing! I think my mom is knuckling so I won't dive into the cake! I'm pretty sure this was at her parent's house. My auntie B. may have made the cake...or it was from Scandia bakery, my mom and I used to walk there some times to get a cookie!

I think I will always be my parent's baby girl. I can still see "That Look" in my dad's eye when he sees me after we've been away for awhile. (OK even a day) and my mom still calls me "her baby" even when I'm not acting very love able. When I was 17 I hated it, but now...I kinda like it! They are so excited to be grandparents! My mom is making two quilts right now, one girl quilt and one boy quilt. I told her not to make a neutral one, we want gender specific stuff, we just don't know yet! Our nursery is green and we love the "Tiddlywinks Froggie" collection, but that's because Jeremiah was a Bullfrog! :D N0t because it's neutral! We plan to add Ladybugs if we have a girl, and puppies or baseball if we have a boy! (I don't like to say when we "get" a baby, though it seems everyone else I know asks "When are you going to get your baby?" I don't know why it matters, but it does. We're having a baby via adoption, not getting a baby; see the difference?) So, my parents L&L are totally excited to be grandparents. They've been waiting a long time!
My brothers and I get along as long as we don't let our stubborn streaks (yes, all three of us have one) get in the way. I know they're really excited to be uncles! J. wants to take baby fishing and camping, and B. wants to give baby drawing lessons. J. is going to be a Teacher one of these days, he's going to grad school for his Masters in Education soon. And B. is an exceptional artist, he wants to be a Graphic Designer, he already is, he just doesn't get paid to do it yet! Both of my brothers have awesome musical taste, we all like the same stuff, but we all have different little niche music we like. Mine is Folk, J.'s is Rock/Alt and B.'s is more Alt. The three of us can make each other laugh til we cry, or want to pull our hair out, but it's all love in our family


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I loved reading this...what a great idea for a post!

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I just found you through Melba...we're approved through Bethany, too, almost to the day I think! I'll be following:)

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