Sunday, April 26, 2009


On Friday night I got a text from my pastor's wife that he had been called out to perform chaplain duties for the local fire department. An 18 month old had been found at his daycare unconscious and without vital signs. He was taken to a local hospital and they did manage to get a heartbeat and blood pressure,though he did not regain consciousness,he was transported to the Children's Hospital and there he was placed on life support. When he didn't regain brain function by Saturday morning, his parents took him off life support and he passed away.

Dear Lord, I don't know your will in a situation like this. I pray for Nicolas' parents April and Brian, that you will give them comfort. Surround them with people who will take care of them. I can't pretend to know the depth of their loss, and my heart breaks for them. Thank you for Pastor Vince who ministers to people in times of crisis and loss.
Help us all to find solace in your sovereignty.


Jamie said...

i'm so sorry kel ~ i don't understand things like this. maybe someday....but it just seems so unfair at the moment.
praying for peace in the hearts of all who are hurting....

Kel said...

Thank you for praying for them. I am hoping to go with my pastor to the funeral if I can. They don't have a church family, so, he asked a few of us in the congregation to go with him.

Kathleen said...

This makes me so sad to hear, I just hate hearing things like this. Prayers to the family!

Kathleen said...

Hey kel,
I'm changing my blog to be invite only, I'll send you the request to your email on your profile. Had some weirdo's looking at things.