Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Nursery

The Doll was mine, her name is Katie, the rest of the baby items are things we collect on whims. We really like frogs! (Jeremiah was a bullfrog after all!)

This is Luv Bunny, Bunny was a gift from my parents when they decided they were ready for grandchildren :D, that was five(ish) years ago. The little chair was mine as a child and I had it refinished a little while ago.

The circle frame has family pictures in it, and there are two spaces left for VIP's :D.

These lamps will be removed when baby is old enough to move around and pull them down, but for now they are much softer than overhead lights when you have to go in and comfort a crying baby. My auntie made the pillow for me when I was little.

Even Abbey Cat is interested in the baby's room!

I suppose if we get a boy, we'll want to boy up the room, but for now it's comfortable and the color of green is so soothing that we often go in there and hang out. I pray in there once a week or so, and the cat really likes the glider! And that table is going to be replaced by a bookshelf as soon as I relocate the books!


Melba said...

Very sweet...I love how you have the crib on an angle near the window. It really looks soothing and welcoming, I can't wait for pictures of you in that same chair, rocking your little one. :)


Kathleen said...

Kel...I love the nursery! So sweet & precious, you guys did a great job. Love your cat, he looks like our Gus. Of course Gus was/is afraid of anything baby, so he stayed clear of the our nursery.
Get use to the glider, once baby comes you will be spending a lot of nights watching sleeping baby from that chair.
As always... you guys are in my prayers!

Kel said...

The glider is very comfortable, Especially with the ottoman!

I must confess that I like the crib there, but in an effort to maximize space, it doesn't live there, it goes up against the wall more toward the middle of the non window wall, but, when I staged this picture for the profile, I "Fung Shui'd" it (at least that is what my realtor would say! You know, now that I found a corner changing table, I may move the crib back there, because it does look better there! I'm so glad the thing has wheels!