Friday, May 1, 2009

I can feel the Joy all around!!

There have been amazing developments in the lives of my friends this week.

On Saturday my dear friend Beth called and told me that she is pregnant with their third baby!! I am so excited to go and see her in June! I just can't wait to hug her and pat that tummy that will barely be a bump! She and her husband are parents to two of the sweetest and most beautiful children I know. I'm so excited to see what this little one will look like!

And then, last night, Melba!!! posted on Facebook that she had a little boy waiting for her!! How amazing that in one moment, with one phone call, your life can be so changed? Everytime I hear a story about "The Call" I am amazed at the immedeate transformation. Life becomes something else. Life becomes family!

Dear Lord,
Thank you for the wonderful miracle of life. The miracle that we get to share so much of. The excitement of newly concieved life, the life changing event of your call to us to be parents! Tie Miracle of Adoption and all of the factors that are perfectly arranged in order to bring us together. I am in awe. Bless the family of Melba and Michael.

My cup overflows.

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Melba said...

WOW, thank you...this is so sweet. My cup overflows is an understatement! I hope you are doing OK...I do know that it can sometimes be hard to hear this kind of news when you're still waiting. I appreciate (so much) all the support and prayers, and our connection through this blog!