Saturday, May 2, 2009

Lil’ whirl wind

Jer and I have been babysitting this weekend, for the new couple I mentioned in this post. It's been really interesting to see how living with a 22 month old works. He is definitely in the testing stage. He pushes the boundaries just to see how far he can go! And then grins. Of course last night when he woke in the middle of the night and threw a fit when I put him back to bed, I didn't see that he was playing games. I spent an hour and a half trying to get him to sleep before I realized I'd been had. So then we had to listen to him cry for his daddy for half an hour before he finally fell asleep. (He would take a break every now and then and wait to see what would happen, so I knew he was ok, I'd also changed him and gotten him a little bit of water, so it wasn't as if I was ignoring him completely.) When I really knew he'd give up was when he started calling for his mom. Stinker. He either calls for the easy target first, or last, I'm not sure which. I really can see how heart wrenching that would be if my name were "mommy". But it also shows me that these little kiddos will fight you for every moment of sleep. So that was a good lesson to learn!

Another good lesson, young people are down with an interracial family. Older folks, not so much; and by older I mean white hair. Couples in their 50's told us to "Enjoy our little boy." And the kid who boxed us up at Costo didn't even hesitate to call us Johnny's parents. "Are you having fun out with mom and dad?"

It made me a little sad, because even though we didn't correct them, because they were strangers and why bother… but I was thinking about how great it will be when it is our turn!

We took him to the McDonald's Playland near our house and can I just say that McDonalds is completely lame? They look like starbucks and the food is icky, and then, the playland is LAME! When I was a kid they didn't have much but it was fun! Now there aren't even ball pits and the slides are those tube slides and they barely have a slope. We're going to have to scout some better rainy day places to play. I've heard good things about the snooty shopping center. We shall see.

Have a great Sunday!

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