Friday, July 17, 2009

So, Not our turn yet

Thank you so much for all of your prayers and support. You all are so sweet and awesome!

I've decided to redo our profile, I want to do an online "Shutterfly/snapfish" style book,
What kind of things do you think I should put in it? Should I do some "story" like stuff to go along with the pictures? I have captions in my old profile, but since I tend to be a story teller,would it be a good idea to tell a story about aparticular set of pictures? What do you think? I could make it sort of like a story book about us...Anyone? Anyone?


sarah m said...

I'm sorry. But I know your time will come soon! :)

Our agency requires we use shutterfly, so I'm currently deciding what that will "look like", too. I'm leaning towards the "story" idea also. I know that'd appeal to me! I'll let you know when I figure it out!

Jamie said...

kel.....i'm so sorry. :( my heart dropped when i checked back in. i know you're okay, but i know what this feels like and it's not easy. so many times i thought the answer was changing our profile book that all the pbmoms look at. reality is, you just NEVER know what they are looking for. at some point a pbmom will be looking for exatly what they find in your book. we were passed over SO many times and i just didn't understand.....until milo came into my life. :)

my heart and prayers are with you and jeremy.....i'm so sorry......hang in WILL happen.

Kel said...

Thanks Sarah!

Hey Jamie, I keep telling myself that our book doesn't have a problem, I think I might just redo my letter to the pbmom, and then do a new page for the profile of new pictures of us. Just a little update you know? :D That might make me feel better. Our Adoption counselor is also checking with the Birthparent counselor to see if any feedback has been given regarding our book, if there are common thoughts we'll address them. It can't hurt to spruce it up a bit.
I know our time will come!
Love to you, and your comment made Jer feel a lot better.
Thanks again!

Rebekah said...

We got big kudos from our agency and later our birthmom, from doing this:

A "Rebekah Loves..." and "Ben
loves section". It looked something like this -

Rebekah loves...
Sitting in the pool on a hot summer's day...campfies...oreos...staying up late talking with Ben...

We each did about 100 words. It provides a great snapshot of who you are without having to write it all down!

Kel said...

Thanks Rebekah! That is really helpful and an easy thing to add!

Melba said...

HUGS...I'm still hopeful that your time is coming soon!!