Thursday, September 3, 2009

A little fun!

Last weekend I was a busy woman!

Friday we went to dinner and the mall with our friends "The Molitors"
On Saturday I went with my friend Christy to get a pedicure, and then we went to her house for a girls night. I took a million pics of her cute kitten!

Sunday we had church and Softball practice...Chief and I lounged...
Monday Jer and I went to Hectors for all you can eat crab...turns out when you eat slowly you can't eat much crab...but it was good! And then we got the news of being shown this Sunday! So, there was a lot of good stuff this week too!
And the Orthodontist I used to work for dropped off a bag of sweet corn on Tuesday!
I only have a half day at work tomorrow, and I'm making Jer's birthday cake!



Jamie said...

yummy! :) and i LOVE the cute toes!! and that kitten.....well, kitten are just aways cute! :)
glad it was a good week ~ i hope next week is even better!!! :)

Jennifer Christensen said...

Pretty toesies! Lots of positive thoughts and prayers for Sunday!

Kel said...

I just love having cute feet. My toes on their own are nothing to crow about, but I LOVE getting pedicures. And it's even more fun when you go with a girlfriend and chat the whole time!

Thanks Jen!!

Hugs to both of you! :D

Melba said...

Cute post...I love the toe picture, are those yours?!

Sending you a million and two good thoughts for Sunday!!!


Kel said...

yep! those are my toes! Thanks for the hopes n prayers! I reeally want it! :)