Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Song

Every morning I sing in the shower, if not out loud in my head.

It goes like this:

There's a peace that floods my soul, when the spirit of the Lord is in control. There's a joy no bounds can hold, when the spirit blows a fresh wind through my soul. Holy Spirit flow through me, touch my heart and there will, there will be such joy, such unspeakable joy, such peace, an everlasting peace, such love, a pure and holy love.
Spirit have your way in me. (most of the time I don't make it through without crying.)

And then there's the Doxology:
Praise God through whom all blessings flow!
Praise Him all people here below!
Praise Him above ye heavenly host!
Praise Father, Son and Holy Ghost!

Why this is sung like a funeral processional is beyond me! I can't stop singing it in my head, and it sounds a lot more like a version of "Jump" by Van Halen!



sarah @ life {sweet} life said...

I love the Doxology. :)

Jamie said...

sounds like a wonderful song to sing!! :)

ps ~ i like the new colors, but your background and letter color are both dark and i can hardly read your words :(