Monday, November 2, 2009

I hate Hospital Admin.

It seems the H1N1 Virus may kick me out of the delivery room.

They're only allowing 2 people in, and H has a couple of friends she wants in there with her. Disappointing. But I'm just going to work on faith that if I'm meant to be in the room, then I'm meant to be there.

And, they don't give adoptive families a room in the hospital. So, Jer and I will be taking turns staying out of the way in the nursery. I didn't know Hospitals even had them still. Apparently it is a teeny little nursery for instances like ours, with a great view of the NICU. Whether or not visiting hours apply is uncertain, but maybe if I keep a pair of scrubs in my bag, I can trick them. Whaddya think? I'm not too excited to spend our first hours together so uncomfortably, but I'll tell you what, I'm not leaving that baby's side (Easily) unless H decides she wants time with him.

And poo on the swine flu and the Media's insistance that it is the plague of the century. I would swear here but it wouldn't be congruent with my faith.


RB said...

I'm sorry that you won't get your own room at the hospital. That stinks. I'm hoping that you're able to be at teh delivery. That would be super special.

slt said...

Well Boo! And I agree about the whole media thing! Rediculous! I will pray that God works out the smallest details! He will! So excited for you guys!

Melba said...

That is disappointing that they don't give adoptive parents a room. It seems to be pretty black and white in terms of how hospitals work in this regard. They are either super friendly and accommodating with adoptive families, or super stingy. definitely could be worse, right?! :) Being in that tiny nursery will be much better than waiting was!

Here's hoping you get to be in the room for the delivery!



Denver Jen said...

That's really disappointing. Can you or your social worker chat with the hospital social worker or administration at the hospital? You might be able to work something out. I really hope that you get to be there!

Jamie said...

kel ~ i know that is really disappointing. :( we didn't have a room either, but i ended up staying in the same room with "H" to take care of Milo. it was a little awkward, but if it meant staying with my baby then i was going to do it. :)it will all work out the way it's supposed to.....i know you have faith in this. i would certainly ask the hospital when you're there if there are any rooms open. we were told that it would depend on the availability....
hang in there ~ can't wait to hear more. :)

ps ~ i totally agree with you on the whole swine flu ordeal! :)