Sunday, November 29, 2009

Overnight Baby Sitting

We were driving home from Portland and I got a phone call from our friends; they wanted to go out on a date, and wondered if we would watch their little girl. Lily is 3 months old and a real sweetie, we've enjoyed her visits in the past and then her mom asked, "So, would you mind keeping her until the morning we'll come get her at church?" I hesitated a second, I love children and have been watching them overnight for years, but in all of my experience I've never had a baby that young stay over at my house, and it was a little scary. But, we had a great time.

Lily made us look good, you know, like we knew what we were doing!

I sneaked in the side door at church to avoid the "OMG you have a baby!" stares and explaining that it wasn't my baby. It bothers me when people do that. I'm not sure why...perhaps it's just the assumption, It used to bug me with my friends Carley and Gavin too. It doesn't bother me enough to stop taking care of them though! Perhaps it's because I don't like to disappoint people, they are so ready to be happy for me that it stings to let them down.

It did give me an idea of how little sleep I will soon be living on...and all I can say is that I'd better have the coffee pot set to start brewing for Jer in the morning! :D



Denver Jen said...

It is truly remarkable the level of sleep deprivation but you honestly do get used to it. I'm definitely not as sharp and quite a bit more clumsy but somehow we are all surviving. I laughed about your coffee comment because we think Nora's first word is going to be espresso. Every morning we watch Joel make us espresso and I gave her the blow by blow description. She's pretty good at her "o"s now. Maybe it's just a matter of time:). I can't believe how soon you will be bringing baby home!

Jewls said...

I get the same comments from my neighbors when I babysit my nieces! Can't wait til their excitement is for the real deal! :)

Melba said...

Yes, coffee is a definite benefit of being the adoptive mommy of a helps a lot!

I think it's great that you got the practice, but I can totally understand why you sneaked in the side door at church.

That same assumption thing used to happen all the time with the kids I nannied for. I got so tired of explaining the relationships, I finally just started calling them all my nieces. Maybe it happens to you because you look like a natural mom?!

Your ticker is almost down to single digits, WOW!!!