Monday, March 8, 2010




RB said...

So precious!!!!

Melba said...

I love the sweet baby noises they make at that age, so adorable! Also gotta love the chubby baby thighs, J.C. is a total cutie pie!!


Jamie said...

he is so cute! those eyes are beautiful. :) milo has big feet too! watch out ~ trying to find shoes for his stage of moving around will be a challenge!! :) thanks so much for sharing ~ looks like everyone is healthy and super happy!! :)

Wicked Writes said...

Look at all that dark hair! He's going to be a heartbreaker when he grows up. I wonder if he'll keep those baby blue eyes?

It's weird, I know he is adopted but looking at your eyes and his they are similar!

And you are just adorable, lil Mama, making baby smoochie noises at him. lol


Kel said...

Thanks Ladies!

Mora- His birthmom and I spent about 30 minutes studying one another across the table, and when she left her counselor said, "H. thinks you and she look similar"

And she was right, we do, she looks exactly like one of my canadian cousins and we have very similar eyes and cheekbones, and Jack looks like her, who looks a bit like me! :D

And I think it's fine see similar features. It's a really natural thing that humans do to look for similarities in faces around them.