Monday, April 12, 2010

What's Jack up to these days?

Jack, it seems loves to sing. He has the most melodic babel of any baby I've been around! He's music to my ears! He's doing it now! I'll have to get it recorded, but he's one of those camera shy kiddos.

Finalization is fast approaching and I'm so excited!

We went to his 4 month Appointment, and the little man weighs 16lbs 15 oz, and is 26 1/2 inches long! For the percentile watchers, that is the 90th! WOW. Big kid! And the day before his appointment he rolled over for the first time that I actually saw. Now he rolls both directions like he's been doing it all the time!

He's been trying foods. Rice cereal with apple juice or apple sauce (thanks for the tip Melba)and he loves sweet potatoes, he ate nearly an ounce and a half yesterday. He's still drinking bottles a majority of the time, but he was eyeballing our food and waking to the smell of food cooking, so, I asked the DR. if it would be ok, and she was enthusiastic about it. But boy! Diapers are noticeably different!

We sent Jack's Birthmother a birthday card, because today is her birthday! Happy Birthday to a wonderful person, I pray you are taking good care of yourself and that your year is truly blessed by God. (I don't think you read this, but just in case! :))

Love to all!



BB said...

yay!! it sounds like he is doing awesome!! The poop change is funny (and true!!) and I noticed an even bigger different when we recently made the switch from formula to cow's milk. Whew!! It isn't a pleasant difference to say the least!! :)

Jamie said...

how fun! :) milestones are just so much fun and there's nothing like watching YOUR baby change before your very eyes! :) enjoy each and every moment!!