Sunday, May 2, 2010


I hope I don't bore people with my ongoing list of firsts with Jack.

It is amazing the joy that it brings both of us to do these "first things".  His first diaper was even an awesome thing, and there's a picture of me giving him his first bottle.

I was really worried there would be a serious outburst of emotion this week after finalization happened, but it never came, I am just HAPPY!

First Baseball Game!


That being said, I did nearly cry when Jer and I took Jack to his first Baseball game and all of the ushers gave us baseball cards for him, and the guest services gave us a certificate.  I teared up and had to keep my sunglasses on as we trotted through the concourse to the office.  Our first Game with our little boy.  Ours.  I know he won't remember it, but I will remember sitting WAAAAAY up high in the 300 level seats we were given by a friend.  Watching the M's play the Rangers and stinking it up so badly that I startled Jack when I yelled at Ichiro so loudly that he probably did hear me from section 328 row 22 seat 5.

Next Friday we're going again and sitting in our favorite seats in the Terrace Club where it isn't quite so windy and chilly.  Hopefully the weather will turn and it won't be a cold night.

First Ride on Daddy's Shoulders



sarah @ life {sweet} life said...

He is just SUCH a cutie!! What a fun time and sweet memories. :)

Kel said...

THANK YOU!!! I just LOVE him, love doesn't even cover it! I am totally NUTSO over this little guy! My heart can't contain it! I can't wait to meet your little man!
<3 kelley

rlvd said...

1st: never a bore to me to hear a mom's exuberance over her child!

2nd: those pics are GREAT! Oh, how stinkin' cute.

3rd: how awesome that you had some tickets given to ya cuz we think it'd be so special for us to take him to a game but 1) pro team is 3 hours away 2) $ when he won't remember it and the day could be a disaster! ;) do you live close to your team? enjoy the next game in better seats! your story of your nosebleed yelling made me laugh ;)

Kel said...

Hey Rl!

Thank you!

We do live pretty close to the Seattle Mariners, though "MY" teams are the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Anaheim Angeles. I grew up in So.Cal. and there my MLB loyalties remain! My grandpas were both crazy about Baseball, and we lived in Whittier CA which if you know anything about Los Angeles County, you will see it is on the border of LA and Orange Counties, closer in proximity to Angel Stadium than the City of Los Angeles, but still in the county proper. Well, Grandpa 1, was an Angels fan because they were easier to get to, and Grandpa 2, was a Dodger's fan because his dad was a Brooklyn Fan. SO...I remain a Purple. Sometimes a bluer purple and sometimes a redder purple. :D

Take him to a Minor League game if you have a team closer to you! I lived in Medford Oregon for years and single A ball was A. cheaper and B. had a completely different feel with equal baseball fun! You're closer to the game and the players still have "something" to lose.

And I think they still give out certificates!
Make a weekend of it. Stay in a Best Western or something and make a memory! Seriously, you don't pay for the kid (children under 2 are free!)! SO it's all what YOU remember! Have fun!

And my loud baseball mouth is legendary. I once told off an umpire at an Angels game when I was 8 and nearly got us ejected. I never went with that family to a game again. I still maintain the pitch was not a strike. (That was the closest I've ever sat to homeplate!) Row 3 I think!

Jamie said...

i can't wait for this moment also ~ although it will have to be when milo knows that he can't run through the bleachers! haha! :)
all of these firsts are amazingly important so share away!!! :)
looks like it was an amazing day for your family. :)

BB said...

heck ya we love the firsts! They're so cute!

I love the pic on dada's shoulders! too cute!


Melba said...

Maybe I'm biased but these firsts aren't boring in the least, they're special! :) LOVE the baseball picture, his eyes are just sparkling!