Thursday, May 6, 2010

I realize that this is NOT a Sports blog...but seriously?!

Don't forget today is the National Day of Prayer maybe while you're praying for the nation you can pray at the end as a Post Script for the National Pass-time.... And with all the controversy surrounding the "Day" I'd just like to say, don't most religions have some form of prayer or meditation?  The day is not named "The National Day of Evangelical Christian Prayer."  Come on people. (and by people I mean "Other people, not necessarily the readers of this blog!)  FOCUS!

In my previous post about Jack's first game, I mentioned that while I keep track of the Seattle M's because they are the "Home Team" here; but that the LA Dodgers and the Anaheim Angels (They will never be the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim in my vernacular, but that is a WHOLE other post.) are where my real loyalties lie.

Well, cue the gods of the game.  ALL of my teams are playing mediocre baseball these days.

First of all, in the pre-season it was announced that Cliff Lee would join the Mariners, having been traded by the Phillies.  I can't find any good footage of his response, but let's say he was "less than thrilled" and you could tell.  And as the link states, his agent is pretty sure he's not going to be around for long.

And then....Milton Bradley has a crisis of life and won't be around.  I've seen his antics in the past, with the Dodgers.  The guy is a JERK.  I can't use the word I'd like to as I am a Christian Woman.  But let's just say he throws better temper tantrums than any two year old.  And now the team gets to pay for what ever counselling the guy feels he needs.  Great investment Mariners.  And then the GM tells the American Public that The team makes every effort to field a winning team.  OH MY WORD HE JUST LIED TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.  ON ESPN!  He'll never ever be able to run for president...oh wait a second....(did I just make a political referance on my blog? I'm on a roll!)

And then there's this:

The Dodgers turn into the Mariners of the late 90's when their number to purchase tickets was 1-800-NO RELIEF.  I'm serious!

To add insult to injury The Angels oh, you guys.  You are the least of my complaints, but PLEASE PLAY BALL!

I may convert to Soccer.  It's a World Cup Year.

And with that, we are back to our regularly scheduled Programming.



Jewls said...

I'm curious, do you get into fantasy baseball? My husband is doing it right now and it's hilarious how excited he gets when his 'teams' have won!

Kel said...

Oh sure now it shows up! (See post with your name on it! :D)