Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all of you celebrating your first Mother's Day.

And to you Mom's who await the news of your little ones, please know my heart is with you.  Last year, this day hurt like hell.  Hug your mothers, hug your grandmothers, be a Daughter today, let them hold you while you are sad.  And know that your Mother's Day is soon to come and it will be a day of happiness.

I spoke at our Mother's Day Brunch yesterday and told our story from beginning to now, I started with our wedding day and touched lightly on our infertility and then went into light detail on the several "Situations" that didn't work out.  I hit heavily on finding a new intimacy with God, and how the mother/child relationship reflects that intimacy.  I told the story of holding H's hand and then leaving her to do her Labor.  I told them about running down the hallway and leaving my beloved lap top in the lobby and my husband calling me back to get it. : )  And of how we tried to peek ahead to see if Jack was cute in the 5 seconds we had to be subjective before we fell head over heels in love with him.  How it took me, the dental assistant, a lifetime to get a pair of gloves on to hold him (because he still had bio hazard on him from his first mom, and that was the Hospital's decision not mine.)  How the first night we were together in the hospital, how we fell in love over a bottle of Enfamil.  How hard it was to live in limbo while our hearts were so bound to this little boy.  How an amazing peace filled my heart the moment the Judge tapped her gavel.  And how he was the perfect son for me, and then Jack squealed his agreement.  "What more can I say?" I ended with a laugh, and went to go gather my son from his God Mother who had generously taken him to get a diaper changed, because the kid has TIMING!  What can I say?

My love to you all, you are all beautiful!



Jewls said...

Happy Mothers Day!! It is totally different being on the "other side" and while I still ache for my friends, I'm so grateful that ache has been replaced for me by sweet baby Z!

Melba said...

Happy 1st mother's day, Kel...I hope it was a beautiful day for you!


Anne said...
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Anne said...
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Kel said...
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