Friday, May 7, 2010


Blogger ate your comment.  But to answer your question, I am not doing a fantasy baseball team this year.  There are just soooo many games to keep up with and soooooo many players!  I do have a fantasy football league that I do with my family every year and it's TONS of fun.  And I don't Love football the way I love Baseball.

My husband also does several fantasy sports, and is managing three baseball teams this season, I think my brain would explode.  I also think it's hilarious how "into it" he is.  I am of the "What ever" mindset, but I think he may have a few bucks on the line with his buddies on some of the leagues...I only play for fun...and bragging rights.  So far I've been second in my football league for two years running!  I will be the champion next year! (or not, it's a random draft.)

So, sorry your comment ended up as a post! : D


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Jewls said...

Ha ha, you crack me up! I told my husband I would do fantasy football this will definitely be random draft for me, I am sports illiterate...however I can tolerate watching football much more than baseball, baseball games are WAY too long!