Monday, July 12, 2010

Ambitious Summer Schedule!

So, Jer was in our friend's wedding and Jack wore his cute new hat n' tie

And then Jack and I stayed in Portand to give my parents some bonding time.  It was pretty fun, but we missed our daddy!  Jack would wake up and I called Jer before he went to work every morning and Jack talked to him, it was really cute, he really got "Daddy" down while we were there.

Our buddies from Pottersville, New York came to visit with all three of their kiddos, this is Owen, their youngest, who I knew about before Jack, but he was born a month later(nearly three weeks past his due date!)

The other two, Gavin and Carley made a new fan in my mom, who LOVES children.

Then I took Jack down to the Washington County Public Services Building to visit Jer's Step Mom, she never had children of her own, and is really enjoying having Jack to show off to her friends.

Later in the week we went to Book Club at Wanda and Jared's (my future SIL and Brother) and Grammma Grammma B. (She thinks Great Grandma sounds old, forget that she's 89...)

I got to talk about my actually finishing a book ("U" is for Undertow by, Sue Grafton) and got recs from others for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, and Suite Francaise.;

Later that evening he fell asleep on GGB

Then on Friday morning we drove back home to Wa.
Jack was such a good boy!
Stay Tuned for the Medford Road Trip!



Denver Jen said...

He's getting sooo big! I love the photos!

Jamie said...

lots to do! :) looks like he was a trooper through it all! :) milo doesn't sleep if he's not in his crib....makes traveling quite a challenge! :)
glad you got to spend time with so many dear ones. :)