Saturday, August 21, 2010

Happy Saturday everyone!

So, in my last post I listed 10 things I've been too busy to blog, and I decided to just tackle one or two this morning.

VBS (Vacation Bible School) was awesome.  Our little church hosted over 40 families.  I was helping two of the High School boys with the 2nd and 3rd graders.  Those guys were amazing with the kids.  I'm so proud to have worked with them!  They did everything, I literally was the "Adult Presence" in the room.  We did the "Discovering the Power of Jesus" curriculum, which uses basic organic chemistry and biology to illustrate the power of Jesus, and every day is a different Power.  (Create, Save, Change etc).  I helped kids learn the memory verses and songs and encourage their beliefs in the Lord!  I do feel badly about one little guy who was just all over the place.  He was very smart and came up with some really great answers to questions, but, he could not wait his turn for anything, or sit still or stop picking his nose! :p  Both of my brothers were energetic little boys, and one had/has ADD.  So, I don't want to sound like I'm a boy newbie who doesn't like boys!  I do, I love little boys, I loved this little boy, however; I feel like I didn't show it very well.  And because I was not able to finish the week on Friday, I didn't get to tell him that I was either sorry or why I kept such a close eye on him and separated him from another boy in lesson time and assembly time.  I feel like I could have done it better.  I wasn't SO mean but, I wasn't very fun about it either.

They really helped the SAHM's like me, help with the Ministry by having the nursery staffed and available.  I would take Jack in there after the morning assembly (because he LOVED the Music and his God Father was the MC and practically insisted Jack be involved) and picked him up before the afternoon session.  He had a great week, and we were both really tired at the end of Thursday.

My mother in Law and her mom were in town that week too, but had only expected to see us on Sunday, well, Saturday when they arrived in the area, their car broke down about 3 blocks from their hotel.  They parked it in the nearby lot and walked to the hotel from there and the hotel sent a courtesy shuttle driver with them to get their things.  They called us and I ended up driving them a lot and then, on Monday the mechanic confirmed that it was indeed the Transmission.  So they parked the car at the Mechanic's place and eventually had another relative tow it somewhere else where he could work on it leisurely and Mom and Grandma took the bus home. (All the way to Grants Pass OR, where a friend took them the rest of the way home to the Southern Oregon Coast)

So, I had a semi stressful week.  It wasn't too bad, but still a lot more happening than I'd like with a week long commitment!  
Followed by a Portland trip for my brother's 30th Birthday shindig but that's another post!


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