Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Jack and Sam got to see each other again today.   Erin, has two sons and her older son Ryan had been sick for a week and she was sick and Sam too (They had a cold, Ryan something else)  So it had been two weeks or longer since the boys had been together.  But, they were as happy to see each other as a 10 month old and a 23 month old can be. (actually  probably a little more than the averages as these boys seem to "get" that they are related.)

Today they wouldn't sit together long enough to get a picture, but here are two cute ones of the day :D
 And a cute one from last time too.
Samuel is always so  shy with me, and doesn't say much, but Erin says he talks up a storm about Jack before he sees him.  "I love Jackie!"  "See Jackie?"  

Erin's oldest has figured out that Jack is "Sammy's family"  and he's ready to meed us, and he calls me "Sammy's auntie"  Which works for me!  I have a nephew that is actually related to my son!! HOW FANTASTIC is that!!  

I told Erin that I still think it's such a privilege  to know Samuel and their family.  I recalled sitting across from H. and wondering if I'd ever meet this little boy.  The fact that Samuel is a part of H. makes me love him like a relative, and I feel blessed to have him in my life!  Erin expressed to me, that she was just so happy that Samuel has a sibling.  That they were worried about having someone close to his age to play with like a brother, and how this whole business just seems to be mapped out divinely.   And now, I have a mommy friend with an adopted child, something that I've wanted really badly.  Someone who gets exactly what I ponder in my heart, someone who thinks about the same woman with gratitude for making our lives possible.  For making us mothers.  Erin and I are in an exclusive club, we have H's sons for our sons.  And who would get that besides the two of us? 

These beautiful lives, are my reason for being thankful to a woman for choosing life.  She made a decision for these boys and believed it so much she did it twice.  And then gave us permission to create a whole -ly different kind of family.  If she'd pick up her letters she would know how grateful we are.  THANK YOU H!


Jamie said...

this is beautiful kel ~ absolutely beautiful! so happy for your family! :)

Bumber's Bumblings said...

Really beautiful story!