Monday, December 19, 2011

I am not a morning person!  I am grumpy and sometimes very unpleasant to be around before 8am...and I woke up in Jack's bed this morning.  Snuggling wasn't on Jack's list of things to do, so I grumped out of bed and realized, my friend Beth has probably been up for hours already in New York, going about her horrible reality of her husband and father of her four children in the ICU.  Suddenly, I am sort of ok with being up and going about my regular stuff.  Eating my Elvis Toast (peanut butter and banana) and contemplating going to the gym.  Now that it's two minutes away, I don't have to leave 20 minutes early to drop Jack in the Child Care.  I can just poke around until 10 min before and then go.  At least if I pack my bag the night before...

So, yes, I'm thankful for my life right now and the ability to move through it in a normal that I've chosen for us.  Even if it means an early wake up in a bed that isn't my own.  At least I can wake up, in my own house in my own town, with my kids and my husband. (Well Hubby had to leave early to take MIL into Seattle to catch the train, but...usually he's home this early.)

Beth posted yesterday that she's feeling our support for her, but that she doesn't feel like she's as Strong as we're giving her credit for.  That she can't think of a life with out Nathan and what it would mean for her an the kids.  That she can't stand living beyond the moment.  Reading that broke my heart all over again.  My Grief counseling training works better on people I don't know.  I just keep reassuring her that I'm not going to quit praying for them ever.

In my last post I mentioned that Nathan was well loved, and my Blog Friend H, proved it.  I've never met her, but we're friends on FB, and she let me know that people she knows, that I don't know are posting about Nathan and his family on FB.  I'm reasonably sure that Nathan doesn't know H. So I'm currently getting a small amount of entertainment calling Nathan "Kevin Bacon"  (Look up 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon if the funny isn't funny to you)

Ok, I need to de-stink myself and my child so we can go to the gym and then to his "Great Play" class. Talk about FUN!!!!! I love that place! I get to bounce around and play right along with him!


Bumber's Bumblings said...

Small world! I know Nathan! Went to college with him for years!!

Kel said...

I think the Shoultzes know the whole world! And they're so awesome, they leave a big old mark on us... :D Nice to meet a "Friend of Nathan"