Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Praise the Lord!

Nathan Shoultz went home to his house in Pottersville on Monday!

All is well and they are settling in.  Nathan and Beth's church family and WOL family put in Laminate flooring and adjusted the bathroom so that he has easier mobility.  (I'm sure the kids are loving the idea of skating in the house too, I know I did when I was their age!)

The fact that he walked through his door, is indeed a miracle.  Looking back now, we are all more able to cope with the idea that we almost lost our friend.  And seeing him back at home was probably where we all break down in grateful tears that he is still with us today.

Gavin, Carley, Owen and Zachary have their daddy back.  Soon he'll be whole again and able to move more and more freely.  I fully believe that even if some physical signs of the stroke remain, he will be able to continue his work eventually.  And until then, we and many others will help him pay the bills.  If you feel lead to donate to their family, here is his web page and the donate button is the best way to get funds to them.

I know I am grateful to all who help support them!  Your continued support in prayer for their family is still needed and appreciated!  Thank you over and over again for praying for my friend.  It means more than you know to have people I only know by blog name reaching up to Heaven on his behalf and mine.  Thank you to those of you who made a point to pray for me, I needed it, I was going nuts not being able to be there and take charge of the situation with my powers of cooking and baby caring and etc.  My heart was and is calmed by your thoughts in my direction!

Many many blessings to all, and PRAISE GOD! NATHAN IS HOME!!


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