Monday, November 12, 2012

How does time go by so quickly? Not only has it been forever since I updated this blog, it's been three years since our family started to become a family of three. At this time three years ago, I was wrapping up my career in the dental field and feeling like I was perfectly placed in God's path for our life. Momentum was building and this ride was going to take my breath away. Last year I began a weight loss effort, and am currently at my goal weight. 30 pounds lighter than the last time I checked in at the Gyn for a clomid check that ended my desire to conceive. What a mess that was! Our little family remains little. We are again trying to conceive, but, it's a little different. My body is working (Sort of) we're still not a 28 day cycle but what ever! And my hope is with the Lord, not with my body, not with a Dr. and not in a pack of pills that makes me unhappy. Might I decide to try them again? Perhaps, but my focus is on being happy and trusting in the will of the Lord. He will decide, we will follow Him. He's asked me to be open and so, I am. If it works it works if not, a family of three we may always be. My brother got married and I was not the Chubby older sister that people say "Oh, bless her heart, she has a 2 year old you know" I was a hot mama!
Jer and I left Jack with his brother Sammy and their family while we went to Whistler:
And we took our first trip to
Oh and we "hi Jacked" a plane :D. It was a fantastic summer!! A ton of time at my friends pool and just having a great time with the family. Photobucket

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