Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April 10

We're being shown next friday. Please pray!


I wanted to get my thoughts together before I posted my own prayer regarding this new possibility. I'm only going to say that it is exactly what we want. Everything is within our guidelines as far as we know. Details will come when/if this is our turn.

Dear Lord Jesus,

I know you have been with us this far. I know you will continue to guide us. I know that you have all things undercontrol.

Father, let this be our turn. Please? My heart is weary, my soul aches, and I have been reduced to my essence. Let this baby be healthy and protect the hearts of everyone involved, and bring your blessings for us into being.

Help us to bear it if it is not our turn. Let your will be done, my request may not be your will, and I can accept that. But I'm on my knees. I am humbly requesting a chance.


Jamie said...

DONE! Lots of prayers going up for you!!! :)

Kel said...

Thanks Jamie!!!

Annie said...

praying with you, sister!

Kel said...

Thank you Annie, Give the nibblet a big squeeze!

Melba said...

Definitely hoping and praying for the best with this situation!! I know how nervous you must be feeling, but this is a great step in the right never know when it will be THE ONE!!


Kel said...

Melba, you continue to be an excellent encouragement! I'm hoping for the best for you as well! (That you'll be shown again soon and chosen soon!:D )