Monday, April 13, 2009


So, I guess they showed her 13 profiles, which seems like far too many to my mind, how can you remember anyone after looking at 13? Anyway...It wasn't our turn yet. Thank you all so much for praying. I really feel that I'd be in much more emotional turmoil if it weren't for such wonderful "prayer cover".
I am dissappointed though, it seemed like everything we could want. But, what we need/want must have been different from what the birthfamily needed.
Again, thank you all for your prayers, You guys ROCK!

We just need to keep on keeping on!


Jamie said...

Kel ~ I'm so sorry...I know your feelings of disappointment and it's so difficult to understand sometimes, but your outlook is exactly what it needs to be to get through this. My hopes and prayers for you will continue!

Melba said...

Yep, we all just have to keep on keeping on, you are right! I'm sorry for your disappointment though, I know what this feels like. Cry if you need too, and then let it go...our babies are still out there somewhere, and they will be "perfect" in every single way!!


Kel said...

Thank you, ladies. I was hiding out yesterday, I read your comments, I just didn't post them!

Both of you and the others have been my saving grace lately and I thank God for you!