Monday, June 22, 2009

Prayer Needed

A new Birthmom in Oregon is going to be viewing our profile in the next few weeks, and only one other couple is going to be shown. I'm taking this as an opportunity to pray for a woman who has some very special needs. K is 28 years old and is currently under care for Bipolar Disorder. And she is alone in this situation, there is very little known about the birthfather other than the fact that he is caucasian.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Your name is GREAT and Greatly to be praised! I have been so proud to think that I am deserving of parenthood more than others, I pray you will take from me that haughty nature. I pray you will give us the opportunity to minister to K and to be chosen by her to be the parents of her child. If this is your will, I pray it will be done and if it is not, I pray that you will be our comfort. I pray for the other couple being shown, I pray that they will be prepared for parenthood, and that if it is your will for them to be the parents of K's child, that you will bless them mightily, that your arms will surround them as greatly as they would surround us should it be our turn. Your plan is perfect and we will accept what ever your plan brings.

Thank you for your beautiful work in my life, and how you've changed me through this process, the humility it's taught me. And for the beautiful tender heart you placed in my husband.

Thank you for creating adoption. Thankyou for K. and her brave decision to give her child the gift of life!

Father, thank you for your masterful work in the lives of Rebekah and Ben, and I pray that you will comfort birthmother Rebekah in this difficult time. Please bless their family with the best there is to bless them with.

I will be still and know you are God.



Melba said...

Thinking of you, and that birthmom!!

samanthalee1982 said...

I will pray for this young woman and her situation!
Many Blessings,
Samantha from Georgia

Kel said...

Thank you ladies! And Hi Samanthalee!

Melba, that baby of yours gets cuter with evey picture!

Jamie said...

hi kel ~ our birthmother is from oregon! :)
sending up lots of prayers for you and the strength you need to get through this waiting period....

i'm sure you've done lots of research and i don't want to "butt in" in anyway.....i have witnessed the struggles of bi-polar disorder very closely having a family member with this disease.....if you need any info, just let me know. :)

hang in there! :)

Kel said...

Hi Jamie! I will surely use your experience in the future, we have done some research, and do know it can be trying. Luckily she's shown good initiative in continuing her care since her diagnosis (7 years), so Praise God for that!

Kelly said...

Praying for this birthmother and for your family that God's will be done. I hope your wait ends soon!

Kel said...

Kelly, I am so pleased to have you reading along, I pray that your sitiuation is blessed and perfect. I'm going to keep my eye on you!!

Jennifer said...

Lots of thoughts and prayers for you and Jer and for the birthmom!

:) Jennifer Christensen

Kel said...

Jennifer, thank you so much! I've missed doing yoga with you and Lynne! We should hire Amber for a private session somewhere.

Lots of love and luck to you!