Monday, July 6, 2009

Independence day!

We had a wonderful holiday. The annual Kirkland 4th of July Parade in the morning and then, Saturday evening we had a BBQ at our house and it was so much fun!

Our pal Nathan loves Chief.

Nathan and Charlotte really wanted to stay

I think very soon they will spend the night with us so that their parents can have a night out!

Me and my gals Christy and Caitlin
(no idea why this uploaded so tiny!)

Lindsey wears these every year! :D

I haven't gotten any new news about K, the pregnant woman in Portland, but I continue to pray that she is well and that her child will be healthy. She's appointed to see the pregnancy counselor in Portland on the 16th which is when the profiles will be presented to her. We will see what happens! I am waiting excitedly with bated breath. It is a long time in advance to know, it makes all of the anticipation more profound. Jer and I were at Target and I sneaked down the Baby Products aisle, and he caught me and said, "Do you need Baby Wash?" with a big teasing grin. I said yes! He said "Put it in the cart then!" and I looked at him and said, "What about lotion?" He is so sweet, "Get the big bottles." he says. So, we now have Baby Magic wash and lotion, we both agreed a long time ago that this is what babies smelled like to us.

I promise to all of you who check the blog daily(the fact that you do check it regularly is an incredible blessing to me and I love you all for it.) that I will post the moment I know something.

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