Tuesday, July 28, 2009

So not into it...

I peeked over at the Bethany site and discovered that people are taking advantage of the "Video Montage" option. You know, pictures transitioning to Music.

I have to say, I really don't like those slideshow things. Jer did one for me on my 30th which was funny and cute, and I don't mind when people do them for weddings while you wait for the whole thing to get started, but...I'm just not into them. If we were to do a video it would be something different like singing "Good Night Baby" by Big Bad Voo Doo Daddy or something. You know, us, singing, ourselves. Or reading a book or poems or something. I just don't want to make a Kelley and Jer commercial.

I want to make our profile book into a ppt. presentation for easy mailing to other states, but I wasn't going to set it to music, because Our book is relatively short, 15 scrapbook collages and 15 text pages that are reasonably short.

What do you think? Vid or no vid?

Pray for me, I'm a little discouraged. Thanks!


sarah m said...

Do what you feel comfortable with! Not all people who look at profiles will even take the time or have the capability to actually view the videos (at home) so I wouldn't worry about it. Stay with what feels right and it will work out. Don't get discouraged...I know it's easy to do, but do your best to stay positive. I'm praying for you! :)

Melba said...

You are definitely in my prayers!

My advice is BE YOURSELF!! You will be matched to the birth family and baby that is right for YOU by being YOU! I know that's not easy to hear, and I certainly know what it's like to second guess and question yourself while you wait. I just think doing something that feels forced or uncomfortable for you is only going to make it worse because that will come out in whatever you do, whether you want it to or not.

Sometimes I look at some of those video profiles and it's hard to tell a real difference from couple to couple. They all say basically the same thing.

You never know what is going to make you and Jer seem "perfect" to your baby's birth mom, but chances are it won't be what you expect.

Hang in there, Girl and follow your gut!


Jamie said...

do you have the option of doing something a little different? I have to say that right before we were matched our agency was starting to do videos, but they weren't "slideshows" they were around a 3-5 minute video of the couple at their home or wherever they wanted to be. I was NOT looking forward to that at all! Several months later (after Milo was born) I looked back at the waiting families and only one couple had chosen to do the video. I watched it and it completely changed the way I felt about them ~ for the better!! There photos just didn't convey what their hearts did in person. So....my opinion :) is that if you can do something that you're comfortable with while also getting yourself "out there" a little more ~ I would definitely encourage that. :)

Good luck!! :)