Tuesday, August 11, 2009

For Those of You Who Don't Follow my Facebook...

I was crabby today in the morning and resolved to be un-crabby by 2pm which is after lunch.
I was successful. And now after a good sprint in the pool, my attitude is completely adjusted. Tomorrow will not be another sad day. I am done with the mopes.

Am thouroughly green with envy that Melba and Rebekah got to meet and smooch eachother's babies today!! I surely hope to do the same at some point! With as many of you as I can. I've been known to drive an hour or four out of the way to meet up with Cyber pals, and I'm not stopping now! :D


Melba said...

Chin up, Kel...I think you're entitled to a little moping after everything that's happened these past days.

I would love it if we could meet someday, although I think it would require a tad more finagling for you and I...but still not impossible, right? Right! :)



Kel said...

Never impossible! I'd fly straight to you! :D I do have family in the midwest, and Manitoba, so seriously there's bound to be a reason for us to meet up "don'cha know" Eh? :D

Entitled to moping yes, focusing solely on my entitled moping no. "Keep Looking Forward!" Meet the Robinsons is one of my favortie adoption tales, I cry EVERYTIME I see it!

Jessica@FoodMayhem said...

I'm trying to get a facebook page up but am having some technical difficulties. Glad your day got better!