Thursday, August 13, 2009

Work Stuff

We're getting a new roof at work and at times, we're positive a human is going to fall through the dropped ceiling. BAM! bambambam! every 8 feet or so, can't wait til they put the shingles on tomorrow! REALLY can't wait til we get a new roof at home! Hopefully that won't take longer than a day... it's not that big of a roof!

Other GREAT news!!! We finally signed our refinancing papers on the house! So, Mr. President Obama, thank you for forcing wElLs. fArGo! to refinance my home that is worth less than the money we owe on it...not much less, but less. So I can have a nice stable 30 year mortgage instead of 2 years left on a 5 year arm interest only loan. They kicked and screamed and dragged their feet all the way to closing but we will be closed on monday. Thank you God, for this blessing, I can now be at ease that we will be able to afford our home after I stop working.

We can now get that second Refridgerator for the garage! Our current fancy double door fridge with the freezer on the bottom is just not very well appointed for storeage of bulk items. Now we can have drinks in the fridge and leftovers, not to mention stocking up on homemade soup! YAY!!! Again, I will feel so much more prepared for baby once our garage is organized and the fridge is stocked with yummy food. Now all we need to do is get the cord for the generator wired to plug in and we'll be completely house ready for a baby. Even though we are "ready" at any time God deems is right, and we were completely disappointed by the last situation, I can't believe how unprepared I felt when it was actually a possibilty to go get a child.

Dear Lord, thank you for this order in my life. I do appriciate the detatils being wrapped up. I never like to worry about things being undone. Thank you for this victory over the bank.
Father, I'd like to lift up Lars&Elaine, I pray that you will bless them with a child, they've been waiting a long time for their baby, and I pray that their perfect match will come to them soon, and Rita's sister Anne, Lord, she aches for a child to fill her life. Even though my heart feels lonely and like we'll never be a family, these people have waitied longer than I have and deserve a baby in their lives too, help make them a family, and thank you for the temper tantrum Rita threw on my behalf this afternoon. It is so comforting to see people respond emotionally to my hurt too.
All of us who wait, we trust in you to fill our homes with the love we desire.
Thank you for filling us with hope, help the hurt to subside so we can fully appriciate the joy when it comes.
Your loving daughter,


samanthalee1982 said...

There really is nothing like having all your "ducks in a row"! I pray that things would continue going smoothly for you and that your time comes soon!

Kel said...

Thanks Samantha! :D

Jamie said...

i'm glad some other things are falling into place for you. :) that's important!!
now.....i hope that your other dreams are fulfilled soon as well!:)

always thinking of you kel! :)