Saturday, August 15, 2009


I had a great time watching my co-worker's boys today. They are just loads of fun and so cute. They chased chief around the dog park and then we went to McDonald's for lunch and played in their playland. Nap time followed, Jer went and did the errands and I hung out at the house...could have done some chores, but played with Kian instead! Landon woke and we walked to the school playground and Jer picked us up on the way home from errands, and we had fun monkeying around and watching Cars. They cuddled and climbed all over me and while I watched them and played with them at the park, I realized for the 7millionth time how much I really do want this. Regardless of how much the process hurts, this mothering business is in my DNA and I WANT it bad; all the ups and downs of rollercoaster existance will be worth it when the ride changes. OK, I need a nap now, before we go to dinner at our friend's house and play with their kiddos and pick up their dog to dog-sit while they go camping...not sure why they wouldn't take her with them, Chief loves camping, but Chief will love having Pepper around I'm sure!


Jamie said...

sounds like a great day! :) I'm glad you are able to enjoy being around little ones despite the pain you are going through waiting for your own little one. :) you are one tough cookie!!
have fun dog sitting!! molly loves to camp too....but she hates being on a leash. she tends to vocalize her hatred of it the entire time, so often she gets left at home too. :( poor doggy! :)

Kel said...

I just love kids, I have the most fun and I just am the happiest when I'm with children.

I don't know how tough I am, I think of all of my friend's children as mine in a tiny way...the whole "Village to raise a child" thing...I just can't have a bad time when children are around. They make me smile. Which is why I LOVE pictures of Milo and Charlie and Ty and Riley. I just think they are the greatest things on earth! (Even better than Ice Cream and chocolate!)

I did find out that Pepper is just not allowed to go to this camping place, it's a cabin, and they don't allow dogs. Weird!

Tell Molly we feel for her, it stinks to be stuck on a leash :D. Give her a pat for me, I hope she continues to heal well!

sarah m said...

Looks like a fun day!