Thursday, August 27, 2009

Strange how hard it can be to move on...but I'm glad it's finally happening...

It feels so strange to know that we've been shown again. Three times in the last two weeks with the jury still out on the third showing. I'm glad we're back in the mix with people looking, I knew we were, but to have actual viewings is sort of a relief mixed with a bit of jagged little pill. It means that K. in Salem is really over, brings the hope of someone else, someone right.


Melba said...

Being able to move on is definitely a sweet blessing! Think of it this way...there must have been some reason you were meant to touch K's life, and now that that's happened, you are one step closer to YOUR baby!



slt said...

Oh yay! I am sure it is encouraging to know you are out there again! So glad for you! I am continually praying and am excited about your journey. By the way...your blog looks great!

Jamie said...

sooo true kel.....only hours before we were matched with milo we learned that the little girl we were 98% sure would be our daughter (thru another source besides our agency) was going to live with another couple.....the hurt was excruciating. then all of a sudden, we were faced with the fact that we had been chosen and we were going to have a BOY! :) that was such a roller coaster day ~ it also happened to be my sisters's birthday and election day of last year!! :)crazy, emotional, wonderful day!

it's amazing how quickly we are expected to change our expectations through this adoption waiting's so easy to allow yourself to get caught up in the dream of parenting the child you are currently being shown to.....then, when you're not selected, expected to move on and continue that process over and over until it finally IS the right one. :)

hang in there ~ prayers going up for you and the current "showing" :)

Kel said...

Thanks Girls!! I still haven't heard anything, but since Becky is usually very good with telling me any info she has, I'm assuming she doesn't know anything either! :D

So, I'm feeling good about it either way, it's really hard for me to "know" that we're being looked at, I'm thinking this person more than likely took a few books home to have her family help make her decision with her. Hopefully she'll choose us! But if she doesn't I know of two other families who've waited much longer than we have who I hope get placed either before us or at the same time as we do. :D

Lots of buns in the oven at Bethany that are due before the end of the year so, you never know what could happen!

Love to all and thanks so much for the prayers!!! It really gets me through to know y'all are on my side!

sarah m said...

I bet that would be so hard!! I still haven't decided if I want to know when we're being profiled. On one hand I do, but on the other I know it'd be hard waiting to hear how it went!! Hang in there...I know your time will come soon! :)